My Future With IBD – Live, Online Q&A Event

This event took place on May 18, but you can watch the broadcast below

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About This Event

Cincinnati Children’s is offering a live, online question & answer session to discuss the groundbreaking inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatment & research innovations that are shaping the future of IBD care. During this event, our co-hosts, Dana (Chelly) Dykes, MD, and Lee Denson, MD, will answer questions from you and other families, online in real-time.

Unanswered IBD Live Event Questions

Below are answers to additional questions we did not get to during the IBD live event.

How long, on average, will a Crohn's patient stay in remission when on Remicade?

It varies, but with our newer approach of checking medication levels to adjust dosing, most patients will stay in remission on Remicade for a long period of time. It is important to make sure there has been healing in the intestine, and a good level of Remicade is maintained in the blood, and then most patients will remain in remission.

I heard about a service that will take a stool sample and analyze it for the types of bacteria (or probiotics?) you have in the GI tract. Is this of any use or do you see it as something that will be used in the future?

At this point in time that information may not be very helpful, but you should check with your gastroenterologist about the specific test in your case.

My child uses methotrexate with Humira. We’ve been told meds won’t treat the lower colon. Is this true?

Those medications usually work well for the lower colon. You could speak with your gastroenterologist about therapy options.

What are your thoughts on glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is helpful for the health of the lining of the intestine. Most patients probably don’t need these, but you could speak with your gastroenterologist about whether glutamine supplements might be helpful in your case.

Do biologics work on the lower colon?

Biologics usually work well for the lower colon. Gastroenterologists sometimes also suggest adding topical therapy, with an enema or suppository, which can help a lot in the lower colon.

What kind of results and side effects have you seen with Entyvio?

Entyvio is a newer biologic therapy. We have seen good results with this medication, with very few side effects.

Host Description

The Schubert-Martin Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center at Cincinnati Children's.

Our IBD center focuses on all aspects of caring for those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including:

  • Groundbreaking research
  • Evaluation and ongoing therapy
  • Consultation and second opinions for complex cases
  • Surgical treatment
  • Quality-of-life issues
  • Helping children and teens learn to self-manage their conditions
  • Treating complex side effects of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease, such as growth and bone health issues